I’m a 25 year old photographer, bookworm, and birder located in Iowa’s Loess Hills. 

I love reading fiction. Crime, thrillers, suspense, and psychological thrillers are just a few genres that I love and hope to review here for you to read and enjoy. 

As I said above, I’m a photographer and birder. I love photographing people and animals. I have two little Zebra Finches named Molly and May. I post about them a lot on Instagram, as they’re pretty entertaining. 😂 

I volunteer at a few local places. Desoto National Wildlife Refuge, Hitchcock Nature Center, and Fontenelle Forest. At Desoto, I check Eastern Bluebird best boxes in the Spring and Summer. At Hitchcock, I help band birds of prey and owls in the fall. For Fontenelle, I pick up injured birds of prey so they can be rehabilitated and hopefully released. 

Well, that’s all I have to say about me. If there’s any questions, feel free to ask! 


Professional Reader